Collaboration Ninja 忍者

Work-in-progress: please join in and share your insights

Why Ninjas?

In Japanese history the Ninja (忍者) is a warrior; one whose skills and dedication, so it is said, could not be matched by normal men. The Ninja must study, practice and teach the many arts of war; stealth and life on the path to ultimate skill. Along the way, earning both respect and legend — both powerful tools in their quest for victory.

Like the Ninja, we too are warriors – but of the digital age. Using our combined skills, we strive to stand out and overcome the many barriers to a better world. Join us on the path, pass on the skills you already have; study and gain new ones along the way. Together we too will taste victory as we change the world — who knows, we may even see legend.


3 Responses

  1. Nils says:

    In a social-web world, do collaboration ninjas seek to stand out for their accomplishments? Or, extending the metaphor more directly, perhaps the way of the collaboration ninja is to balance letting one’s legend grow and stand out in the crowd, to increase one’s influence, while letting one’s individual collaborative actions blend into the background of collective accomplishments? (Famous for one’s strategic-level initiatives, but not for one’s specific actions?)

    P.S…. Crouching Tiger, Non-Hidden Sustainabilist?
    (I know the film is Chinese not Japanese)

  2. […] Collaboration Ninja is a beginners resource for improving web-enabled collaboration skills. We have been learning lots from the stories and insights of pioneers leading the collaborative path. Check out the evolving How-to Guide here. What else can we all share with each other, and how else can we support each other to become ‘collaboration ninjas‘? […]

  3. rapetzel says:

    legend Nils, legend. you got it baby

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