Collaboration Ninja 忍者

Work-in-progress: please join in and share your insights

Story So Far

Everything has to start somewhere. Ed and Menka, two ‘social innovators’ met at a party at The Hub and couldn’t stop talking about the potential of commons based peer-production. The conversation carried over into google docs. Soon they got in touch with Rohan and Roland over at NESTA Connect who threw them some cash and love, allowing them to travel across the big pond exploring one simple question: Can this ‘brave new collaboration’ be a powerful tool to help society innovate its way to a smarter, healthier and more sustainable place?

The answer was a resounding YES!, but their exploration also revealed the practical challenges involved (quick film here – stitched  by Rosa in record time). The stories left Menka and Ed hungry for the answer to a new question: HOW?  They were inspired by the folk at Open Everything, particularly Helen who runs the Shuttleworth Foundation, about the need for a primer, a 101, a ‘How to Guide’ even, covering all the ins and outs for web-enabled collaboration. Everyone agreed ‘that would be brilliant’…but where on earth would they find the time to get another project off the ground?

Lo and behold one amazing day Menka got an email from Rebecca, Alice and Fei seeking guidance for their Masters thesis at the Blekinge Institute of Technology. They decided to team up and research what it would take to be an absolute Collaboration Ninja and share it online. They made skype their best friend as they interviewed dozens of ninjas around the world, people who really know their stuff. Hours of transcribing and analyzing later, they had a first draft of content for the guide.

Meanwhile a small group of web geeks had came together on a Ning site to explore how to turn the initial wordpress site into a proper online resource, to which readers could upload their own insights and share stories more easily. Should we use Drupal or Zope3? How about #cninja to track twitter comments? Hang on, why are we ‘Ninjas’ in the first place??! Henno, PG, Joe, Joel and co. are on the case.

Now we’re getting there. ‘How about we get people in a room to explore these learnings, make them even more accessible?’ said Amy, who hates long words like ‘asynchronous’. So together with Menka she has designed a workshop, with exercises and games, to help peoples engage with the How to Guide.

And then…


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