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To work with a BIG community

Provided your target is online, the web can be a much better place to network because you allow people to respond with more consideration and reflection, and in their own time, which some appreciate rather than being put on the spot. “I did use to try and do social orientated project which involved going grabbing and people off the street, bringing people together in church halls or wherever else. But that stuff was just painful and slow and never really had any meaningful impact or reach.”(Dominic Campbell) Using tools like twitter can help make networking a more enjoyable process (Dominic Campbell).

In terms of networking your collaboration, one of the key benefits of using the web is in having access to a “diversity of ideas and people who are out there, who are coming together and are having these discussions… anybody from some sort of hard core PR person…,to charities, classic social entrepreneurs, different brands, government departments, ministers in government, and the fact is you start to influence people, you would never normally have access to”(Dominic Campbell) The web can be considered as similar to a never-ending networking party.

The way that you store, view and mine data, time and expense can be vastly reduced by using the web. With the recent emergence of Cloud computing, the costs incurred by keeping a large sets of data on oversized servers can be avoided. This also reduces the amount of energy wasted by using traditional servers, running on full even when no one is passing through.
“Nowadays with the way we have massively scalable server systems you can do it cheaply and efficiently as well. You can build these massive data sets and mine them without it costing a fortune like it used to 90’s or in the earlier part of the 20th century”Chris Thorpe

When undertaking a large scale collaboration, the IT industry is great support, proffering mechanisms for communication, and for self-organisation. We need new ways to filter data, to aggergate it and to understand what is going on. The IT industry is constantly producing new tools and platforms that will contribute a large role to the advancement of decision support systems. (Jon Husband)


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