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To support face to face collaboration

Recent years has seen an increase of web-based collaborators and compatriots meeting up face to face. These groups have seen the web as a great opportunity for particular stages of collaboration – initiation, insight gathering, polling, reaching the right people and allowing networks to develop into the physical world.

“I’d conceptualize web-based collaboration as involving a web-based organization or initiative at some point but not being the be all and end all.” (Ali Wyne)

“Live events haven’t really caught up with the fact that we now have all this fabulous technology for our online collaboration, so what we should do live should actually be quite different…. I think the web is a better place for people to write 20 minutes worth of download-able stuff in a keynote so that people can read that at their leisure, and process it in their own way and send their tweets to each other… When we’re live we should be doing the things we can’t do online asynchronously… Fold our laptops down a little bit and actually engage with each other” Johnnie Moore


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