Collaboration Ninja 忍者

Work-in-progress: please join in and share your insights

To innovate

David Bollier encourages us all to remember that, “A lot just depends on the project goal. Some projects are amenable to crowd-sourcing and some require special judgment or expertise.” While there is quite a bit of debate these days over the role of ‘experts’ in the networked economy, we can probably agree there are certain tasks (like carrying out surgery) that need expertise over mass participation.

These are problems where the solution is already known. If you don’t need a new idea, a new way of getting from here to there, if you don’t need to innovate, then maybe you don’t need to collaborate. However if you’re looking for a better, more effective way to do things- or even examining something where the problem itself is unclear- where innovation could unlock new potential, well then let’s talk collaboration.

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