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To allow asynchronous communication

“One of the advantages of using web based distributed tools like the deliberatorium is that it allows for concurrent activity where as in a meeting only one person can be talking at a time. As a result most of the people are standing their silent and their listening, which is useful, but their ability to contribute is limited by the fact that only one person can really be talking at the time. In something like the deliberatorium where there’s a tree, people can be in parallel adding their thoughts to different parts of the discussion at the same time” –Mark Klein

“You don’t have the kind of awkward silences that you might have face to face. If somebody doesn’t respond immediately, it might be a delay in the network so you don’t take it quite so personally. Also a lot of communication is asynchronous rather than synchronous. That’s one of the ways where the web trumps face to face interaction. It creates a space for collaboration that happens far less in the face to face world” –Roland Harwood

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