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The best people for the job aren’t in the same place

“Some of my collaborators are very far flung…the whole relationship is sustained online… web-based collaboration is very appropriate for when people are a long way away”- Johnnie Moore

Sometimes you will find you have no choice in which case the web becomes a great ‘virtual office’ for your collaboration, a repository for documents and information, and a variety of different channels through which you can communicate. Its very flexible for distributed working (Roland Harwood) (Peter Gloor).

This is even more prominent when the expertise you want to access is not all in one place. “If you want the best people, they are most likely not at the same location and then virtual collaboration is better”(Peter Gloor)

Brown explained that as a member of a facilitator network that spans huge distances across Australia, the web enables him to work from home with groups that can only maintain their relationship online. (Geoff Brown)

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