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To involve more people

Mark Klein is an expert on Collective Intelligence from MIT, and realizes that for many of these sustainability challenges we need web based collaboration:

“My sense is that a lot of these sustainability issues we have can be traced to the fact that too small a number of people are making decisions that effect all of us, based on too narrow a set of concerns. My hope is that collective intelligence tools will help us make sure that the really critical decisions we face, about where we get our energy and how we get around and how we live, can be informed by a much broader set of concerns – such as the welfare of future generations, the welfare of the poor, environmental impacts and social capital impacts – in a way they weren’t before. Even when people want to take a broader range of concerns into account, it has been difficult to do because of the sheer scale of the problems and communities involved. My hope is that collective intelligence tools can help with that.” –Mark Klein

“The web gives you access to the communities of people you want to collaborate with really, really quickly”Dominic Campbell

“One of the big lessons of social computing is if you reduce the costs enough so that small contributions become practical, then you find that there’s actually a huge reservoir of volunteer energy out there that people had been previously unable to tap. And I think that’s the secret behind youtube and flickr and things like that. The web made it cheap enough for people to make small contributions, and suddenly we found that lots of people want to do that. I think that was a big part of why the web has been important.” Mark Klein

“Not everyone is well placed to go out and grab people on the street, whereas anyone can participate in a facebook group. It lowers the barriers of entry in terms of collaboration. You can also access quite a diverse group of people quite quickly and actually do stuff. Instead of having to build painful networks”- Dominic Campbell


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