Collaboration Ninja 忍者

Work-in-progress: please join in and share your insights


Thank you to all the ninjas who have offered their time and insights towards this project:

  • Ali Wyne Recent MIT graduate; Junior Fellow at the Carnegie Endowment. Proposed Global Challenges Wikipedia.
  • Andrew Keen Author: the Cult of the Amateur: how the Internet is killing our culture. Leading thinker on the seduction of technology and social media’s societal implications.
  • Chris Applegate MSc in Science & Technology studies, computer programmer, social media marketer, Wikipedia administrator
  • Chris Thorpe Social Media consultant, expert on social games and programming.  (Read the whole interview)
  • the Collaboration Project (Director Danielle Germaine & Project Manager Dan Munz) Independent collection of leaders committed to understanding the adoption and implementation of collaborative technologies to solve the complex problems of the public sector. Great resource library and community of thinkers.
  • David Bollier Author of Viral Spiral and editor of Leading thinker on the information commons.
  • Dominic Campbell New Media and government consultant, co-founder Enabled by Design.
  • Geoff Brown Facilitator, blogger and community change heretic. Author of the ‘YesAndSpace‘ blog. Co-author of ‘Winkipod‘ the podcasting blog.
  • Howard Rheingold Author of Smart Mobs. Leading thinker on  virtual communities and societal implications of our wired world.
  • Johnnie Moore Author of Co-Creation Rules. Facilitator, coach, marketing consultant on the power of networks.  (Read the whole interview)
  • Jon Husband Author and founder of Wirearchy; organizational learning and change consultant. (Read the whole interview)
  • Keith Sawyer Author of Group Genius Dr. of psychology and education; leading scientific expert on creaitivity
  • Mark Klein Principle Research Scientist at the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence. Learn more about his argumentation tool for complex problems necessitating collective intelligence, the Deliberatorium (formerly known as the collaboratorium.  (Read the whole interview)
  • Mingli Yuan Program Engineer and The first people who translated WIKI into Chinese, WIKI Administrator.
  • Peter Gloor Author of Swarm Creativity and lead researcher for Collaborative Innovation Networks at the MIT center for Collective Intelligence. (Read the whole interview)
  • Roland Harwood. Director of Open Innovation at NESTA, heading up NESTAConnect: supporting innovation through extreme collaboration.
  • Tom Salfield, the Hub
  • Jamie Andrews, AMEE / Loco2Travel, London
  • Stewart McTavish, Open Venture Challenge
  • Jeremy Ruston and Phil Whitehouse, Osmosoft
  • Ivo Gormley, Think Public
  • Shay David, Kaltura
  • Jessica Banks, Ayah Bdeir, Addie Wagenknecht, Stefan Hechenberger, Eyebeam
  • Matt Aldrich, Aurora Mixer
  • Annina Rust, MIT Media Lab
  • Robert Laubacher, MIT Centre for Collective Intelligence
  • Karen Brennan, MIT Lifelong Kindergarten
  • Adam Whiton, MIT Media Lab / The Open Prosthetics Project
  • Benjamin Mako Hill, Ubuntu, OLPC Project, MIT Media Lab
  • Saul Griffith, Makani Power
  • Denise Curoso, Hybrid Vigor Institute
  • Kevin Braithwaite, The Rootspace, Palo Alto
  • Jackie Castillo, Stanford d school
  • Jay Ogilvy, Nancy Murphy, GBN
  • Jocelyn Wyatt, Sally Masden, IDEO
  • David Lehr, MercyCorps
  • Danese Cooper, Intel / OSI
  • David Eaves, Centre for the Study of Democracy
  • Zak Greant, Mozilla Foundation
  • Ben Hester, Open Architecture Network & Architecture For Humanity
  • Scott Mattoon, Sun Microsystems, Open Architecture Network
  • Chris Watkins,
  • Brant Cheetham, Biro Creative, Adbusters
  • Michael Tippett, Webpool Syndicate, NowPublic
  • Lauren Bacon, Raised Eyebrow Web Studio
  • David Strebinger, United Media Partners, Infinity One Financial, Caring Capital Corporation

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