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What’s the value exchange?

Whether it’s recognition, becoming a hero, designing for a tribe, or the desire just to have some change, the participants come to your collaboration expecting to get something out of it. It is that expectation that motivates them. The expection of fun, of becoming a hero, of finding a tribe. Make sure you are rewarding those expectations or making it clear they will be rewarded in the future, or they will lose interest and leave. So share the risk, share the reward. Sometimes that reward will be monetary, sometimes it will not. But word to the wise; be careful when bringing money into a formerly volunteer effort, as in his research Dave Bollier found that can actually be a de-motivating factor as it undermines the previous motivation for involvement. Of course it would be foolish to ignore the necessities of money in our market economy, just don’t forget what the value exchange is you’re offering your participants.

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