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Make it like a game!

One way to mechanize the flattery of ego is to include ‘high score’ tables into your collaboration. “Everybody is slightly competitive in some way shape or form. If you look at the Obama for America iphone application which was a really groundbreaking piece of democratization of the phone in a way or use of the phone in the democratic medium. it had a little tiny bit in the details where it said go to Obama for America website and see how your call totals compare to others across the countryTom Armittage wrote a blog post where he said: ‘Obama for America’ has just created a massively multi-player online game and nobody noticed. Effectively what they’d done was to put a high score table for people out there calling other people to encourage them to vote for Obama. Really clever sort of thing to do” (Chris Thorpe). This can motivate your participants to contribute more, without the effort it takes to consider and praise every individual. However this can also be de-motivating, if the ‘high-score’ becomes overly competitive, then the low ranking contributors may not feel valued and may become demotivated. One way to avoid this is to remove the aspect of competition, making the process more individualistic. Many online social networks do this by ‘ranking’ contributors inline with their efforts, with titles like Junior Member, Super User etc.


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