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Embracing and Managing Ego

Ego, standing, respect within any community is an important motivating factor. Your collaboration needs to exploit ego in some way. You can see how this works in Flickr whereby the Flickr team selects and promotes photos. It’s a direct reward for getting a bigger standing and bigger influence in the community. Wikipedia does the same thing, by featuring articles and pictures. Its a real ego boost when you get an article on the front page. (Chris Applegate) Motivating a team can be done by rewarding ego, by recognizing and attributing praise to their individual and team contributions. However its important to consider that “Ego is like fire, it can be brilliant, illuminate, warm-up it can also just destroy everything.” (Chris Applegate) which means that for “any system where participation is free and there’s no immediate financial reward, [one] has to make sure ego is rewarded…and keep it in check” (Chris Applegate). Once again we return to the importance of developing boundaries, for developing some kind of social contract with the implicit relationship of contribution being proportional to recognition. The energy that this inspires needs to be channeled by the use of constraints and rules. (Chris Applegate)


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