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Designing for the ‘tribe’

For many people social computing is a way to find their tribe. Where are the people who are like me? “People are trying to find other people who share their interests and perspectives” (Mark Klein). If we can foster that sense of ‘tribe’ we can retain people’s interest in a project for much longer. This is particularly key when money is not a retaining factor. The first way to achieve a sense of tribe goes back to being specific with your proposition. By attracting a niche community, you ensure that individual participants share their passion, a commonality important in developing a sense of tribe. Opening channels by which participants can communicate freely, can enable them to build their relationships and sense of trust, facilitating that ‘water-cooler’ or corridor chat that in a traditional workplace helps to develop relationships. We can make use of Social Proof to develop a sense of tribe by allowing people be part of the crowd. Accessing people where they are at, by using already existant social networks, or by becomming associated with an already ‘crowded’ organisaztion can support this. “Surfacing what other people are doing incentivizes people to join the crowd. Thats one way of getting people involved” – Chris Thorpe


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