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Dealing with Private Data

“There’s not yet much of a culture of appropriate handling of data. We’re all so new to this we still haven’t quite got the idea of what’s appropriate. But there have been examples of government and corporations being too lax with peoples data. Just because it’s easy now to transport data, should we be? Taking confidential data home on a USB stick? This is new territory.”- Chris Applegate

“Openness of data and sharing data….If there isn’t enough data or there’s too restrictive copyrights on what you can do with that data then people just aren’t going to get anything out of it. Of course that works both ways as there’s obviously some aspects where you don’t want data to be open. If you’re dealing with a system that involves confidentiality, financial information, health information then open web-based collaboration is most certainly not going to work cause the data’s just too sensitive to play with.” (Chris Applegate)

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