Collaboration Ninja 忍者

Work-in-progress: please join in and share your insights

Our communities and planet face big and complex challenges, from rapid climate change to declining mental health. Who will come up with the disruptive solutions we need? Can any of us do it alone? We think there’s a bigger chance of shaking things up, and creating better alternatives, if we bring together our diverse information, skills, creativity and energy.

The internet allows us to bring together large groups of people from around the world. Not just to network and share photos, but increasingly to create new things together. Already we have created the world’s best and free encyclopedia, most stable operating system, and the majority of the human genome map. What could be next?

Collaboration Ninja is a beginner’s resource for gaining the skills required in web-enabled collaborations. We have been learning lots from the stories and insights of pioneers leading the collaborative path. Check out the evolving How-to Guide here. What else can we all share with each other, and how else can we support each other to become ‘collaboration ninjas‘?

Join us build up this resource:

  • Comment on the How-to Guide, tell us where to improve it
  • Share inspiring examples of collaboration success
  • Share any stimulating books, podcasts or videos
  • Email us about other resources and RSS feeds we should tap into
  • Help us build the new, more participatory website
  • Pass it all on to others who might find this useful

Creative Commons LicenseThis work by Collaboration Ninja is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License.


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2 Responses

  1. itchesavvy says:

    Loved the video, publicly saying count me in! I’m very interested in discovering ways to encourage more openness, collaboration and freethinking in the workplace and in our schools. I’m looking forward to working with everybody.

  2. alicemariearcher says:

    Some cool briefings on interdisciplinary working from ISSTI

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